Few months earlier Pranna created a special project inspired by the new era of #COVID_19 . As social distancing became a #musthave in a daily life, Pranna created a collection dedicated to social distancing.

Pranna took the first place at American Art Awards in "politic statement" subject.

Series of works "Social distance" consists of 4 artworks. The process of the work on the paintings started before the COVID-19 pandemic, mass isolation and protests in USA.

All art works are made of recycled plastic in parametric symbolography technique (images containing many layers and symbols).

What's social distance? How is it different from physical distance? Who is on top of hierarchy? Is he a friend or enemy for those who are at the lower positions? Are all lives of equal importance in the time of proclaimed humanism?

What are the rules of social distance? Who does install and regulate them?

The viewer will be inspired by Pranna's art works to think critically about these issues.